THE DALSET is a newly born danish brand – born out of love for one piece suits.

We´re here to revive and celebrate the all-in-one dress as a timeless piece of everyday outdoor womens garment. It´s been absent in streets and stores since the early 90-ties and we´ve missed it ever since. We want to bring back that lovely, cozy and tugged-in sensation only a warm onsie can provide.

At THE DALSET we are developing a range of brand new coveralls to embrace all women at all times.

Nordic by nature, at THE DALSET we cherish simpicity, quality and function in our design as well as our organization.


We start our business with no middlemen between us and our costumers. We are totally web-based and handle all deals and costumer services in house. This direct contact allows us to ensure the right level of service and to harvest from any product feed-back you might give- that´s gold to us.