The right fit is essential. Especially for onepiece suits that must be able to accommodate and dress your entire body from neck to ankle.

The ONE21 suit is therefore available in 12 sizes. In addition, we have our model PETITE in a small size and thereby 13 sizes in total, which means 7-8 sizes more than any other suit on the market.

Please use our unique SIZE GUIDE in order to find your unique size. This is developed on the basis of own experiences and on a large number of costumer’s experience and feedback of the ONE21 suit.

Slide your height and weight below to get our size recommendation.


your size recommendation

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NOTE! The measurements in the scheme are the suit’s measurements. Be aware that your own measurements must therefore be smaller.
Especially at the hip, waist and above the chest, you should be at least 5 cm smaller than the stated measurements.